1956 Chevy 210 Sedan, Red and Silver Pearl

1956 Chevy 210 Sedan (red & silver pearl)¬† Automatic Transmission Keyless Ignition Air-Ride System hood & trunk run by actuators¬† grey & red interior engine painted mural – Veteran’s Memorial features: mentions to WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, & Afghanistan, Vietnam Memorial Wall, front piece tribute to 911 (military style), Vietnam veteran 3 soldiers emblem on outer chrome piece of hood, airbrushed ‘the cow’ piece above hood below windshield tribute to Arlington National Cemetery – Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (text reads: “To all members of our armed services thank you for your service. And for those who paid the ultimate price, we salute you and honor you.”) Interior completely custom, 4 bucket seats with interior speakers in headrests, shifter knob on consul (turns, no lever), glovebox airbrush with portrait of car on Route 66, back-up camera, DVD player, electric windows, buttons for air-ride system, Chevy emblem-shaped rear-view mirror. Trunk features removal flag poles (outer under bumper), airbrushed eagle holding american flag on upper inner trunk, Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall with names of real fallen soldiers from the West Covina, CA area, soldier figures (original GI Joes) viewing wall – when wall is lit up 7 soldiers can be seen within the wall looking back (symbolizing the fallen), horn-playing marine figure in separate display which plays Taps from the speakers, removable miniature flags above Vietnam Memorial Wall display.